Are Consumers Willing to Drive Past a Competitor to Return to Your Business?

Great question.  Really think about this…..what does your business offer that would have customers passing by competitors and heading directly to your door?  The question led me down many paths but one answer was the concept of using “Mystery Shoppers” to garner an unbiased, honest perspective of how your business appears to an “outsider”.   Appealing, but must be set up properly to provide value and actionable results.   Because I am continually looking for solid  info that will provide me an honest view of what businesses need to function at a higher level and consider myself a fairly fine tuned observationist/listener, I have been extremely curious about a company’s willingness to listen to and act on the results of this type of  process.

So setting up a “Mystery Shopper” process-is it worth it?

This post makes a compelling case and if done correctly and could lead you to making positive changes necessary for your business to move forward.

  • Included are 11 benefits of using Mystery Shoppers
  • What has helped make Five Guys wildly successful

We are interested in your experiences and results from a Mystery Shopping process and will share here and on social media for others to benefit.

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