3 Ways to Attract and Keep More Customers

New research from Forrester finds that when it comes to attracting customers and keeping them, people respond more to the “experience” they have with the business even more than with their perception of price.

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So it makes sense that one of the best ways to attract customers is to connect with them on more than a transactional level using everything in your arsenal; your personality, your services, social media and events.  Whether providing valuable information about your business or a much needed laugh, inject some personality into your brand and show the human side of your business to make it attractive.

1-Get Back to Your Roots In your need to attract customers don’t EVER assume that everyone knows your business exists, even if you have been in business for 3,5,10 or 15 years in the same location!  I have heard countless stories from business owners that include the statement “after being in business in this location for X years, surely everyone knows about my business and what we do here”…..simply not true!

Act as if you are running a new business each and every day.  This could make a huge difference in attracting and keeping customers and be remarkable to your bottom line.  Make a short list of what you would do today as if you were opening your doors on day one.  Here are a few examples:

  • Be at the top of your game– Greet, welcome and explain your products/services.
  • Tell your business back story- If you business has a great back story (and who’s doesn’t), tell it verbally when possible and show it visually throughout your business and online.  People love a story so provide yours on your business, products and services. Photos and videos are shareable on social media and digestible for busy customers. Aim to visually convey your brand’s story on your website and through social media.
  • Highlight your special talents and services- Does your business customize products, ship anywhere, offer a design service, provide local delivery, take special orders ….you get the picture. Don’t hold back…make it clear verbally and visually in all possible locations.  Signage, websites, social media, local press.


2-Stay Connected. Growing a business is about fostering long-term relationships. Capture customer information and communicate consistently via email, phone, social media.  Communication is a two-way street so provide your customers multiple ways to communicate with you.

  • Promotions, events, sharing updates and humor are a consistent reminder of your business brand.  Ditch the fear and stop worrying that you will be bothering your customers, everyone can use an occasional reminder or update on what your business can offer.
  • Make sure customers have a clear path toward a deeper level of engagement with you and your company – and vice versa. It can be as simple as leaving a comment book at the counter, a survey on a receipt or a place to comment online. The more customers interact with your brand, the more they’ll remember you when it’s time to make a purchasing decision. Make it easy for them to communicate with you.
  • Get visual- Some good ideas include filming a video interview with your best customers having fun at your business or using your products, asking customers to submit a picture of themselves using your product, or uploading video product demos and tutorials.

3-Offer Exceptional Customer Service. I am referring to your top of the line service here.  If you believe you can make a customer’s experience better today, don’t hold back….go for it!  This could make the difference in word of mouth advertising (the best kind!) and earn your business social buzz and recommendations.

  • People love to share when they have something great (or truly miserable) happen to them.  Give them something great to share on a consistent basis.
  • “Experience” is the new currency….if you can do remarkable things for your customers, your customers will share because they’re happy.  Make it easy for your customers to help you.

Share with us some of your great customer service stories and we will happily share with others to help everyone attract more customers.


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