8 Solid Ideas to Add Customer Names to Your Email List

Grow your list, grow your engagement. A clean, well-managed email list can be your best asset, whereas “dirty” lists with out-of-date information are a leading cause of deliverability failures and are sure to damage your sending reputation.  Adding customer emails to your list

List hygiene is the process of removing “bad” addresses in a timely manner. Good list hygiene practices are essential to avoiding spam traps and keeping your bounce rates low – key drivers of your reputation. There is no better way to assure consistent deliverability success than by regularly cleansing your list of hard bounces, unknown users and other inactive addresses.

Businesses and brands need to check their email list size on a regular basis. It’s a good to track three metrics: net growth of your email list, net growth of email IDs for your direct mail file, and a steady increase in opens and clicks -this implies some form of interest in your email campaigns.

Take a hard look at your preference strategy. There are three tips on capturing preferences: ask them (your customers), observe them and group them (into categories). Use your preference page on your register or in a notebook on your check-out counter, to ask the consumer about their other channel preferences.  Don’t forget to inform them about your social media sites-where you post info about your business.

Take these extra steps: First, put up your preference page to sign up for email on your social media sites and websites.  Second, use popular social sites  (make sure it is where your customers are also hanging out) and include testimonials and content from your customer/vendor base within these sites and on your email campaigns. Third, post your email campaigns on your social media sites.

Here are 5 additional quick tips for using email marketing to promote and grow your business.

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