National Backpack Awareness Day

Did you know that the first backpack was invented back in 1938! 30 years later lightweight nylon backpacks were introduced, expanding the use of backpacks from being used primarily as a tool for outdoor recreation to the wide spread use of backpacks among students.

In 2001, the American Occupational Therapy Association launched the country’s first ever event dedicated to backpacks and safety. National Backpack Awareness Day is geared towards ensuring students wear their backpacks safely, as improper use can lead to back pain or injury.

Today, backpacks are becoming a popular work bag and fashion accessory among women! Compared to traditional tote bags or purses, backpacks distribute weight more evenly, making them comfortable to carry commuting and to meetings.

Despite trends in handbags decreasing over the last year, backpack sales continue to grow!

Fashion meets function, at its finest!

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