2019 Dallas Summer Look Book

It is officially show season and we are so excited about seeing everyone at the Dallas, Atlanta, and Las Vegas Markets this summer.

We are proud to showcase our 2019 Summer Looks Books, highlighting trends in the Home & Gift industry and featuring new arrivals and best sellers from each of our showrooms.

2019 Trends

Color, Color, Color: Color influences 50% – 85% of product purchasing decisions. Pretty in Peche, Ellington Blue, Harvest Gold, Sage Advice, and Parchment are color stories we think you should be obsessed with this year and some of our favorite coordinating products too!


Welcome to the Jungle: Take a walk on the wild side! This theme is filled with insects, foliage, wild animal inspired products; it has much more to offer than just the bare necessities!


Beautiful Boho & Tranquil Tribal: You don’t need to be a spiritual and Gilded Gold seeker or hippie to opt for the beautiful boho and tranquil tribal theme. The simplicity of style and the natural, lively look conveys have made it quite easy to fall in love with. This theme is tranquil, warm, and oh so cozy!


Into the Woods: This theme stems from a love of the outdoors. Influenced by natural features and forest animals Into the Woods embodies the notion of cabin living.


Nods to Nature: Wood instantly gives warmth to a room, whether it is a piece of furniture, a floor, or home décor piece. Our Nods to Nature theme focuses on product that highlights natural materials. These products are made of wood, natural materials, terracotta, include indoor plants, or plant patterns.


Modern Farmhouse: A mix of modern and rustic, this theme is perfect for those who like their southern style polished. I n a Modern Farmhouse, you will find natural or reclaimed materials and an emphasis on simplicity/clean design. A hint of nostalgic charm, blended with a modern touch!


Style & Sustainability: Proud to be sustainable. Customers want goods that can be luxurious as well as sustainable and expect companies to have a purpose beyond selling their products. Sustainable products are not just good for business, they are good for the environment, and improves the quality of life for everyone!


Brands that give Back: Giving back is not just a tr end we see during holidays; it is tr end we see woven into company culture. When you purchase one of these featured gifts, you are also helping improve livelihoods in under served areas, save an animal, and many more charitable initiatives.

Enjoy our Dallas Look Book!


Father’s Day Spending Statistics, Trends, and Products We Love!

The nation’s first Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19, 1920. However, it wasn’t until 1972 that Father’s Day become a nationwide holiday – falling on the third Sunday in June. This year Father’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday June 16th.

75% of American’s plan to celebrate Father’s Day this year. While the majority of Father’s Day gifts are gifted to a Father or Stepfather, 28% of Father’s Day gifts are given to husbands, 9% given to sons, and 6% given to brothers.

Total retail sales are projected to be $12 Billion. Gift givers ages 18-34 spend the most on Father’s Day gifts, averaging $159/per person.

Father’s Day gifts range from gift cards to tools to personal care items. We’ve put together 10 gift ideas we love that dad will appreciate and actually use!

1. Ivanhoe 24 Black Camo Duffle Cooler (Corkcile) 2. Dad Hat (Pavilion Gift) 3. Everyday Beer Bottle Opener (Foreside) 4. Copper Mercantile Cocktail Mug (Tag) 5. Beer & Pizza Socks (Pavilion Gift) 6. Bottoms Up Bottle Opener (Grasslands Road) 7. Stanton Triple Server (Pomeroy) 8. Dad the Legend Mug (Pavilion Gift) 9. Walnut Wood Tumbler (Corkcile) 10. Water Bottle Bag Set (Ever Ellis)