Do You Have What it Takes to be Lucky?

There are people in this world that just seem to be lucky. Everything seems to go their way. Even when an event that would be considered bad for most, “lucky” people seem to end up better off. Why is it that some people seem to be lucky? It’s not that they have some sort of lock on luck or that they were born under a “lucky” sign. Lucky Charms Learning to embrace opportunities and create your own luck can be the difference between a successful and happy life and passively waiting around for something good to happen.  So stop waiting and make your “luck” happen.

Here are 5 clear cut things that can improve your “luck” today.   With a little extra effort, you can be lucky too.


5 Things Super Lucky People Do

Are You a Good or Great Salesperson?

Award Winning SalesWhat separates a good salesperson from a great salesperson? 

In this post from Inc., 8 Traits of Great Salespeople, the best tend to share certain characteristics.

How do you stack up?

Retailers, what traits do you think constitutes a great salesperson?

8 Things Remarkably Successful People Do

Do you have what it takes to rank among the remarkably successful?  As we move into 2014 and take on the challenges and goals of a new year, consider these success point on the infographic below.  These are from people whose names are synonymous with success. These people work differently than most. Discover the habits of the most remarkably successful, and find out why those habits work.

8 things successful people do, and why they work

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