Buttery Hot Rolls & Fashion- A Scrumptious Pairing at Americasmart!

Looking smart and put together on the outside isn’t always easy. Life is busy and though you take the time to put together a fabulous ensemble, in reality lipstick fades and hairstyles sometimes droop. While not a cure for all that’s ailing the modern girl, a great bag that does duty as a carry on for travel, a market tote and an insulated food transporter is a step in the right direction.

Sister Schubert w Haul Couture cargo bag

Sister Schubert showing off her Haul Couture cargo bag

Sister Schubert filling her Haul Couture cargo bag

Sister Schubert filling her Haul Couture cargo bag

Enter the Haul Couture Cargo and Cargo Mini Bags. Striking fabrics and innovative design combine to make it the bag you want and need.  The possibilities are endless and uses are only limited by your imagination.

Join Ivystone’s newest partner, Haul Couture, on Saturday, July 13th in Americasmart (Atlanta Gift Mart, Bldg 2, #1801) from 10:00-3:00 along with Patricia “Sister” Barnes, founder of Sister Schubert Homemade Rolls while she serves hot rolls from her very own Haul Couture bag.

A huge fan of the Haul Couture Cargo Bag, “Sister” will demonstrate how she cannot get through her busy days of cooking AND travel without the help of her “Milla” and “Tiger Walk” Cargo Bags! See why Haul Couture is “…more than just a bag!”

The original Haul Couture Cargo Bag already enjoys a bit of fame in features on the Today Show, The Next Iron Chef and most recently in O magazine.

Find these and other great wholesale product lines for your retail business in the Ivystone and Simblist Atlanta Showrooms (July 9th-17th) and through your Ivystone and Simblist sales reps.